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Pre-IB Admission Test: November 2018 

 G7 Students: Are you ready?

Pre-IB Information Session: Dec. 16, 2017 @ 2:00pm 

Langstaff Community Center

155 Red Maple Road, Richmond Hill

New French Pre-IB French class: 10:00 am or 1:00 pm on Sat. (Jan. - Nov, 2018) - Call for the details!

 2018 Pre-IB French Program: Sat. (Jan.- Nov. 2018)

  • Class 1(10:00-12:00pm) & Class 2 (1:00-3:00 pm) only have very limited spots available. Please call 416-828-6192 or 647-987-6432 for more information. - updated on Dec. 8, 2017

Richmond Hill Location: Langstaff Community Centre (155 Red Maple Rd., Bayview/HW7) 


About the Instructor : Mme. Biderang - IBO Appointed Examiner, Ontario Certified Teacher (G9-12 FI), French Immersion Teacher

With a Master's Degree in French Translation, Mme. Biderang brings a rich background to TEA and is known for the special emphasis she places on communication in the classroom. She is an appointed Examiner of the IBO Internal Assessment.  In addition, Mme. Biderang has gained expertise teaching all grades and levels of French to include the French Immersion Program and Extended French Program within Ontario Public District School Board. Thanks to Marj’s extensive knowledge and more than 15 years experience in the area of language acquisition and curriculum, she designed all 3 parts of our pre-IB entrance program for students who want to enter the IB Program in Grade 9. Her ability to motivate students, integrity and the methodology used in teaching has consistently reaped outstanding results at TEA. Our students express much enthusiasm in attending her classes which they say are creative and have a major impact on their learning.  

2018 Course Schedule:

There are 10 months continuous program (2+1 sessions) scheduled for your child in order to fully prepare them for pre-IB Admission test normally takes place at the end of November every year: 

Spring Session : Jan 13th - June 23th  (Sat.) 10:00-12:00 pm or 1:00-3:00 pm; Total 19 lessons (38hrs)

*There will be 4 lessons scheduled in July. Please check our schedule in June.

Fall Session:  Sept 8th - Nov. 17th (Sat.) 10:00-12:00 pm 1:00-3:00 pm; Total 10 lessons (20 hrs)

IB-Plus program is also available for Grade 8-10 Students, please call for the details.

Highlights of the Program:

  • Ÿ           Hosted by IBO appointed examiner
  • Ÿ           Most updated pre-IB/IB information from both IBO and Specific IB school (i.e. Bayview S.S.) for 2018-2019 school year
  • Ÿ           Assessment takes place on a regular basis providing most updates progress of your child
  • Ÿ           IB Sample test sheet used during the class

Background of the Instructor: Mme Marj Biderang

Ÿ           Mater's Degree in French Translation
Ÿ            Ontario Certified Teacher
Ÿ           Teach French Immersion program in Ontario Public School
Ÿ           IBO appointed Examiner
Ÿ           DELF-Certified French Official Language Test Corrector