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Academic Advisory Committee


Led by Mr. James Sébastien, academic advisory committee is to provide educational leadership and develop instructional curriculum maps for the Education Academy.


James Sébastien 

Mr. Sébastien completed his M.Ed. in Curriculum and Administration at the University of Toronto. He has 35 years of experience as an educator and administrator, and has an extensive background in Canadian-based education and training programs at the high-school and post-secondary levels. He truly is an experienced Ontario education expert and served as principal, superintendent and Education Officer. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Germany and Hungarian.


Having in-depth understanding of the Ontario education history and the current education status, Jim is able to bring remarkable values and knowledge to the curriculum assessment, development and implementation processes at T.E.A. His engagement and dedication to the Ontario education system also enable him to consolidate rich educational resources, both academically and in networks. In addition, he is a generous, gentle and reliable mentor. In the past ten years, his active involvements in the educational coordination projects have won him a unique reputation both abroad and in Canada. 


Myriam LaFrance

Mme. LaFrance had worked for French for the Future as Executive Director for three years and currently is program director of a well-known bilingual institution. She has played a critical role in leading a team to manage French cultural enrichment projects to train teachers and motivate students to continue in FSL study national wide. She has a breadth of teaching experiences in French Immersion in Canada and overseas. She has an Education degree from McGill University and is presently completing a certificate in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management at Ryerson University. Mme. LaFrance’s network and academic resources in FSL and francophone community are the most valuable assets to T.E.A.


Parents Engagement Committee:


Responsibilities: to collect parents' suggestions and feedbacks on learning requirements and the integration of resources; to assist the Academic Advisory Committee in developing and updating curriculum maps;



Committee members: elected by parents; a total of three people serving a term of six-twelve months;




Communication process: Parents Engagement Committee meets with management team and Academic Advisory Committee on a regular base to convey parents' requirements and concerns.