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Marj Biderang - IBO Appointed Examiner, Ontario Certified Teacher (G9-12 FI), IB-French Specialist

A graduate of the University of Toronto where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in French and her Bachelor of Education, Gigi brings a rich background to TEA and is known for the special emphasis she places on oral communication in the classroom. She taught the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program for 6 years and was appointed Examiner of the IBO Internal Assessment (Oral component) in 2002.  In addition, Marj has gained expertise teaching all grades and levels of French to include the French Immersion Program and Extended French Program with the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Thanks to her extensive knowledge in the area of language acquisition and curriculum, she created all 3 parts of our pre-IB entrance program for students who want to enter the IB Program in Grade 9. Her ability to motivate students, integrity and the methodology used in teaching has consistently reaped outstanding results at TEA. Our students express much enthusiasm in attending her classes which they say are creative and have a major impact on their learning.   

Cecil Jr. Dwyer - Ontario Certified Teacher (G7-G8), FSL teachers

Graduated from University of Montreal with Bachelor of Education, Cecil is now grade 7 and 8 Core French teacher in Toronto District School Board. Over the past ten years, Cecil has worked with young people as a French teacher, mentor and coach. He have planned, prepared and delivered educational activities that engaged students in a wide range of subject material. Cecil enjoys working with and learns from young people, and he is committed to making meaningful contributions to their growth. Enjoy seeking out new ways to make learning interesting and enjoyable, Cecil is well known for his extraordinary capability to bring motivation and inspiration into the classroom.   


Lynda Viger – Ontario Certified Teacher in FSL and ESL

Having been taught in both public and private schools for over 20 years, Lynda is truly an expert in second language teaching and curriculum design. She has a BA in FSL and ESL from University of Toronto and certification in teacher’s training. Her experience in working with students with diversified needs in the language field brings in great values when she develops individual instruction plan for each student. She progressed through the Core French curriculum, which grants her the ability to understand common mistakes and confusion from students beginning their journey. 


Carlee Fossella – Ontario Certified Teacher in French Immersion

Having experience in teaching different age groups, Carlee has a strong skill in creating a cooperative classroom community. An inspirational mentor and energetic motivator, Carlee is skillful in adapting to diverse learning styles and differential instruction strategy to deliver strong interactive lesson plans customized to student’s individual requirements. A dynamic and enthusiastic lady, Carlee is excellent in establishing and maintaining productive relationship with children and parents. Carlee’s French immersion education background makes her strives to build self-esteem for students and encourage an understanding of cultural diversity and integration.