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T.E.A is an incorporated not-for-profit organization. T.E.A. was established in 2008 as a parent group engaged in language education and character development for parents and children. T.E.A. strives to address learning needs in the community by providing educational supports and resources to parents with diverse backgrounds, including newly-arrived immigrants and those new to the province. We especially appeal to people with Chinese backgrounds in North York, Scarborough, Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Markham areas.

Parents in our community face challenges in engaging with their children in French-language learning because French is the third or fourth language used at home. T.E.A. understands their special needs and is helping by involving them in their children's French-language education and by increasing their awareness of resources available for French second language learning in schools and in our communities. T.E.A. connects parents, schools and community services and brings cultures (Francophone, Anglophone and Chinese etc.) together in celebration of our province’s diversity.


T.E.A. aims to provide cultural enrichment and literacy improvement in French to our children. Activities encourage children to value Canada’s bilingual heritage and to excel in French-language study in school. Children increase their literacy and oral proficiency in French through hands-on activities designed to build confidence. Our unique French-language activities are designed and developed to match the socio-economic and cultural backgrounds of our children.   

All of our programs are based on our Teacher Loves Pupils (T.O.P.) philosophy. We focus on character development in students as we strive to meet their educational needs. Parents, students and teachers love the T.E.A program for its caring, home-like atmosphere, small class sizes and its rich academic programs taught with love and community-oriented values.


·         To provide children with a variety of individualized and creative after-school learning opportunities to practice French and to inspire them to learn French;

·         To develop innovative French cultural enrichment activities that showcase and celebrate cultural diversity and creativity within the Francophone and other communities; 


·         To provide a community hub for parents to network, to share ideas and to understand best practices thereby increasing their awareness and knowledge of French second language education.