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T.E.A is proud to provide parents with our unique French as a Second Language Parent Engagement Project to serve parents with multi-cultural backgrounds, the project will:

·         Enhance parents engagement in support of improved student achievement in French as a Second Language both at school and at home, and as a result, enhance literacy skills and academic achievement

·         Involve parents as co-learners with students in FSL education and as partners in students’ career pathway to bilingual success

·         Provide opportunities for parents to build skills with their children in French language learning in order to reduce the barriers in supporting them in FSL and to establish parenting confidence

·         Encourage and improve parents’ communication with school teachers in students’ FSL education

·         Provide parents with a platform to network, share ideas and best practices in helping children to learn French and improve their language proficiency


The parents’ FSL engagement programs include but not limited to following activities :

·         A series of workshopswill introduce Ontario FSL programs, curriculum and bilingual pathway will reduce the language barriers of parents and provide them with essential knowledge in FSL education system

·         FSL homework help mentoring program will provide parents with practical skills in helping their children with FSL learning and planning at home. 

·         FSL parent’s leadership and outreach programwill educate and train parent leaders to help other parents engaging in children’s FSL learning with appropriate materials, knowledge set and skills.

·         French culture enrichment eventsfor parents and students will improve their understanding on French culture and recognizing the importance of culture and action-oriented language learning approach.


·         Guest speakersfrom schools, school boards, government and FSL community organizations will build strong connections between parents and all FSL stakeholders.