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T.E.A. Parent Programs - 2013 Fall

Community Hub for French as a Second Language Study


The Education Academy (TEA)is a not-for-profit organization and a regional network of community members, parents and volunteers that promote and create after school learning opportunities in French as second language for young Canadians. Our purpose is to encourage youth to value Canada’s French heritage, appreciate francophone cultures and endeavor to excel in French language learning in their schools.


We are striving to provide FSL educational supports and resources to students, parents and to a community with a multi-cultural background, including newly-arrived immigrants and residents new to the province.


FSL Parent Engagement Program in 2013-14 – New!


With the support from the government grant, T.E.A is pleased to announce that our “J’aime parler francais” club Parent Engagement Programs are ready to go.



These free programs are:

  • A series of workshops (every two months) to introduce Ontario FSL programs, curriculum and bilingual pathway to provide them with essential knowledge in FSL education system

  • FSL homework help mentoring program (every two months) will provide parents with practical skills in helping their children with FSL learning and planning at home.

  • Parent’s French ABC program(once a week, total 6 weeks)will educate parent with basic French, including vocabulary, grammar and daily conversation, to help parents engaging in children’s FSL learning.($20 material fees may applied)


  • French Culture Enrichment celebration” can be held once every three months, on one weekend of December, March and June. This bilingual workshop, through games, fun activities and workshops and hosted by francophone instructors, will provide Chinese and Asian parents and students with a refresh and new experiences to French language beyond classroom setting. The authentic language environment and action-oriented approach in language learning it creates will help parents realize the importance of French and motivate their children remain in French program as long as they can.

Guest speakers from schools, school boards and FSL community organizations will build strong connections between parents and all FSL stakeholders.

Topics of the workshops may include but not limit to: 

  1. Overview of Ontario FSL programs, curriculum requirements and expectation


  2. Understanding of Core French program / Why Extended/French Immersion?

  3. School boards’ FSL policy, goals and strategy A pathway to bilingual success and the employment benefits of bilingualism

  4. Strategy and plan to help your children stay in French to Grade 12

  5. Overview and power of French language: its origin, history, culture etc.

  6. How to assess students’ French language proficiency: Common European Framework of Reference -the criteria and tools

  7. Strategies and approaches for parents’ help to Core French students

  1. Strategies and approaches for parents’ help to extended French/French immersion students

  2. FSL homework help resources and community services

  3. Demo and observation sessions of French homework help for FSL students


Free refreshment and receptions as well as free child care

will be provided for all parent engagement activities!



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