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J’aime parler français” Club


 Three major reasons for kids to learn French:


  1. EQAO statistics show that the EQAO results of Grade 6 students in French immersion program are better than that of the students in English school. Early bilingual skills will effectively develop both sides of a child’s brain and equip him/her with early intelligence.


  1. In 2009, French started to be counted as one of OSSD credits requirement for secondary graduation credits and may be counted as more in the future. French marks now have a direct impact on the average scores for students applying to post secondary institutions. In addition, the stringent French admission requirements to IB program or well-known private schools remind parents the importance of quality French education.



  2. Canada, as a bilingual country, has strong cultural and social traditions in recognizing French. Being fluent in French will assist our children to have more advantage and opportunity in career development, in business and in politics.



                                                         Three major reasons to join club course:


  1. We utilize the literacy curriculum of the French-language school boardwhich provides your children with the same language platform and framework as native French speakers;



  2. We employ the Intensive French program model to enable Core French students improve the language proficiency quickly;


  1. We align our courses with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR DELF testing criteria) and parents and kids can measure the progress themselves.