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Summer Camp Program:

Enjoy a truly bilingual environment!

Our government-funded camp program provide a complete French language immersion every day and combining English language and communication/presentation skills training with daily activities include: organized sports, arts or crafts, cooperation games and camp games. Also character development activities will be designed to develop campers’ personal skills.

There is a different theme to explore every week. Topics like science, art, animals, sports, drama, lego and nature are just a few examples! The activities are explored through a motivating program of activities, in accordance with the participants’ age and French language proficiency.


General information

Age: 6-14

French language level applied: 

  • Beginner: No French at all - 6 months
  • A1 (CEFR level): Core French for 0.5-1.5 yrs or French Immersion student for half to 1 year
  • A2 (CEFR level): Core French for 1.5-4 yrs or French Immersion student for 1-2 yrs
  • B1 (CEFR level): Core French for 4-5 yrs or French Immersion student for 2-4 yrs

Please completed the form and notified the French learning time. We will assign the students to different group according to their language proficiency level.

Camp Themes: (example)

French Camp Theme

1st Week

Cest l’été! / Summers Here!

2nd Week

Le cirque / The Circus

3rd Week

La musique / Music

4th Week

Les sciences de la nature / Natural Sciences

5th Week

La cuisine / Cooking

6th Week

Les Olympiques! / The Olympics!


About Camp French Teachers:

Cecil Jr. Dwyer - Ontario Certified Teacher (G7-G8), FSL teachers

Graduated from University of Montreal with Bachelor of Education, Cecil is now grade 7 and 8 Core French teacher in Toronto District School Board. Over the past ten years, Cecil has worked with young people as a French teacher, mentor and coach. He have planned, prepared and delivered educational activities that engaged students in a wide range of subject material. Cecil enjoys working with and learns from young people, and he is committed to making meaningful contributions to their growth. Enjoy seeking out new ways to make learning interesting and enjoyable, Cecil is well known for his extraordinary capability to bring motivation and inspiration into the classroom.  

Cassandra Alexopoulos - Master in Professional Communication

Cassandra is a Communications professor at Sheridan College. She has a BA in French and Spanish and Master degree in Professional Communication. She decided to continue learning French after discovering her passion for language. She progressed through the Core French curriculum, which grants her the ability to understand common mistakes and confusion from students beginning their journey.  She is a very energetic and experienced French teacher and all the students in her class like her, both from the point of view of learning experience and very pleasant personality. She is also noted for her special French Grammar teaching methodology.

Sandra Zakher - Master's degree in Education and Teaching/ French as First Language Teacher

Having more than 9 years’ experience of teaching to several ages and a master degree in Education and Teaching, Sandra has a strong skill in creating a cooperative classroom community. An inspirational mentor and motivator, Sandra is skillful in adapting to diverse learning styles and differential instruction strategy to deliver strong interactive lesson plans customized to student’s individual requirements. A dynamic and enthusiastic lady, Sandra is excellent in establishing and maintaining productive relationship with children and parents. Sandra’s international education background makes her strives to build self-esteem for students and encourage an understanding of cultural diversity and limitations.