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“French Culture Enrichment half-day/one day celebration”

Is for parents and students to immerse in French culture and language environment, sample of a half-day session is:

8:30 Welcome

Participants gather in auditorium, video “Why Learn French?”, welcoming words by organizer or host

8:45 Virtual presenter

Virtual guest speaker (occurs in the form of a plenary session), discussion

9:15 1st series of workshops

Types of workshops: French for Travel and Study, French for Careers

10:15 Break

10:30 2nd series of workshops

Types of workshops: French for Fun, First day in Paris (Quebec)

11:15 Trivia game

A few participants are selected to get up on stage or students are divided into groups to

play the trivia game on hockey.

11:45 Closing

Draw for door prizes, thank-you, closing words from organizer or host



This bilingual workshop will provide parents and students with a refresh and new experiences to French language beyond classroom setting. The authentic language environment and action-oriented approach in language learning it creates will help parents realize the importance of French and motivate their children remain in French program as long as they can. It will also cultivate FSL opinion leaders in communities to bring influences to other parents in increasing FSL awareness and building positive French leaning attitudes.