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T.E.A offers a variety of after school French tutoring courses to students with different academic needs, French proficiency level and age group.


Intensive French Course 

An innovative French course combining CEFR language proficiency criteria and Ontario curriculum requirements to help students improve their performance in academic achievement and communicative fluency.

From DELF level A1, A2 for beginner to B1, B2 for intermediate


Pre-IB French Course

An intensive French course to help and support students who would like to take the challenging in Pre-IB program and is working to prepare for the Pre-IB entry test in French. The Course is aim to improve grade 7 or 8 students’ overall French performance and motivation in learning French and equip them with a very strong French foundation at DELF B1 level which is normally required by IB French at Grade 10.


French Literacy Summer Camp 


The Camp will help students to review and enhance French literacy in reading, writing, listening and speaking, especially improve their communication and oral skills, with a special emphasis on presentation skills.